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An Orchard Park Engagement Session in Bentonville Arkansas | Madison & Allen

Everyone knew except her. After all, it seemed like they had a lot to celebrate. Christmas. Their six month anniversary. The fact that they were finally together again, after months of being apart. But she had no idea that in just a few short hours she’d have something even more exciting to celebrate...

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A Crystal Bridges Engagement | Hunter & Steph

Although he studied restaurant and hospitality management, he chose to enroll in an equine class that warm spring semester. He had always been interested in horses, he enjoyed the teacher…. and he hoped he might possibly catch a few glimpses of the “horse girl”… a TA who had caught his attention the previous semester in his animal science class. On the first day of classes, Hunter was thrilled to see that Stephanie, “the horse girl”, would be TAing his equine class. Soon, he mustered up the courage to go talk to her… and while Stephanie wasn’t immediately impressed, he was determined to make her his.

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