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The Best Gift You Can Give Your New Baby

northwest arkansas newborn photographer

Do you have a photo like this of you as a baby? Newborn photography hasn’t been popular for very long, and I think most adults would look at this photo and think, “what I wouldn’t give to have a photo like this of me.” To be able to see all of your tiny little features clearly and be able to analyze every little detail. To be able to show your own children what you looked like as a baby, and compare their newborn photos to your own. As an adult, I think about what an incredible thing that would be… and what an amazing gift it is that I was able to give that to our daughter. One day, she’ll be able to show her children beautiful portraits of herself through her entire first year of life and beyond. She’ll be able to see how she grew and changed, and she’ll see how her mommy and daddy changed over the years too. 

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything more amazing you can give your child.

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