Thorncrown Chapel Wedding in Eureka Springs Arkansas | Gabe & Lauren

It wasn’t a little bit of light rain, or your typical summer storm where the sun shines bright. When this storm rolled in, it was dramatic. We watched dark clouds quickly roll across the lake through the large sliding doors, and within minutes, the peaceful scene was transformed into grayness. Soon, you couldn’t even see the lake anymore as the sky dumped buckets of rain. Lauren was just finishing up her hair and beginning to work on her makeup. But by the time she had slipped into her dress and was ready to see Gabe, it has begun to clear up considerably. And when it was time for their portraits, all that was left of the sudden violent storm was a beautiful layer of fog covering the rolling hills in the background. The rain brought cooler temperatures, and when it was all said and done, Lauren and Gabe’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Their entire wedding was intimate and sweet, and I loved how focused they were on what mattered – the love they share, and their closest friends and family. The ceremony at Thorncrown Chapel was elegant and beautiful in its simplicity, and the reception dinner to follow was full of intimate laughter and delicious food. The very first time Lauren and I talked about her wedding day, she told me that she just wanted to be with Gabe, and that everything else was extra. And I think that sentiment was apparent all day long. 

Lauren and Gabe, thank you for inviting me into such a special week of your life. I hope that you will cherish the time we spent together and the images we created for a lifetime. 

  1. Bethany Gough says:

    Precious lauren! So happy for you! The smiles say it all!

  2. Darlene Davidson says:

    Absolutely stunning! Beautiful bride!

  3. APC says:

    My gorgeous best friend and her Beau! Such wonderful pics!!!!

  4. Janet says:

    I love them all! The church is beautiful! Lauren you look….well you look happy! Gabe looks pretty joyful as well!

  5. michele says:

    Seeing the beautiful pics make me teary eyed all over again! Gorgeous pics of a stunning couple, so happy for yall!

  6. Beth Smith says:


  7. Patti Beard says:

    The pictures you took of this wonderful couple are beautiful and so special. Love them all!!

  8. Erin Wall says:

    This pictures are incredible. They should be in a magazine! So happy for two wonderful people!

  9. Angie says:

    Beautiful Couple!! Pictures are wonderful!!

  10. Whitney Niven says:

    Love these!! Congrats you two!!

  11. Lauren Hodges says:

    You’ve done it again! Just amazing! Thank you, Stephanie!

  12. Katie Schmidt says:

    These are STUNNING!!! So happy for you Lauren!

  13. Liz says:

    So much love! Beautiful day! Congrats Gabe & Lauren

  14. Belinda Cummins says:

    These pictures were so beautiful! Congratulations & best wishes for a long & Happy life. Love you!

  15. Shirley Russell says:

    Beautiful wedding Lauren & Gabe. Many blessing on your marriage.

  16. Terri Scheffler says:

    Amazing pictures!! A beautiful couple like you makes the photographer’s job a lot easier, but the pictures are gorgeous!!

  17. Esther Banks says:

    Just the most beautiful photos. Pictures for a lifetime.

  18. Holly Palmer says:

    So beautiful!

  19. Jennifer Laxson says:

    Beautiful scenery! Beautiful people!

  20. Amber says:

    Beautiful. Overjoyed that I was able to be a part of this magical weekend. Love you both soo much!

  21. Anna says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, and beautiful portraits. This was such a special weekend and I’m so happy to have been included in it. They will enjoy these gorgeous pictures and memories for many years to come.

  22. Connie Hodges says:

    this is what love looks like!all the pictures were just perfect

  23. Gabe Hodges says:

    The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for everything!

  24. Dianne Alford says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! <3

  25. Christy says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  26. audra tucker says:

    Beautiful bride and groom!

  27. Kathy says:

    So beautiful, Stephanie! Thank you so much! Love your words also! Perfect!!

  28. Amanda Atwood says:

    Beautiful pictures! Even more beautiful couple!!!!

  29. Stephanie Weed says:

    Such a beautiful couple!!

  30. Carole Stephenson says:

    Beautiful bride and groom. The pictures are wonderful.

  31. Babs says:


  32. Lori Hales says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

  33. Brenda koestler says:

    These pictures are incredible. Congratulations Lauren and Gabe. Much happiness and love.

  34. Christi B says:

    Stunning..the bride, groom AND the scenery! Congratulations to you both! Muah!!

  35. Toni J. says:

    These two………annoyingly in love.
    Beautiful couple and pictures!

  36. Emily Hunt says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing place.

  37. Amye Shamburger says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Picture perfect to say the least!

  38. sonnie says:

    Beautiful pictures. Congratulations to Lauren and Gabe.

  39. Pam Hynes says:

    Great photos of a nice looking couple! Congratulations!

  40. Denise Coats says:

    Beautiful pictures Gave and the girls look so sweet.

  41. Dean says:

    Love! ❤️ Congratulations we love y’all . Charlie and Dean

  42. Sarah Katherine Brewer says:

    Stephanie, you are so talented! Such beautiful pics! Congratulations again to Lauren and Gabe!!

  43. Jackie Boyd says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  44. Deidra Gilbert says:


  45. Julia Whitehead says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations

  46. Ashley Hemphill says:

    Beautiful pics and couple!!!! Love you both!

  47. Pauline Kennedy says:

    What an awesome display of two hearts coming together as one ! Very beautiful Wedding . Pictures tell your story well . Love each other as you would want to be loved and the rest is magic .

  48. Angie Jones says:

    Stunning! Beautiful ceremony and gorgeous bride!

  49. Yvonne Brady says:

    What a beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures!!! Just breathtaking ❤️

  50. Tricia Landry says:

    Congratulations to you both! Gorgeous pics! Love y’all!

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