Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photographer | Taylor & Brandon

Brandon carried the ring around with him for over a month, waiting for the perfect moment to propose. Even though he didn’t know what that moment would be yet, he was positive he would know when the moment was right.

So on Christmas day, Taylor had opened every gift that Brandon had put in front of her. She received everything she asked for… except one thing. White converse. Taylor knew he had bought them for her, but Brandon had forgotten to bring them with him to his grandparents house. So later that evening, after finding the missing gift, he saw his opportunity and seized the moment. He slipped Taylor’s engagement ring in a gift she already knew she was getting, and placed them in front of her. Since she already knew what was in the box, she didn’t even bother opening it, deciding to set up her new Fitbit instead. Finally, as Taylor prepared to try on her new shoes, she said, “You know, you literally got me everything I asked for this year except a ring.”

And with that, Taylor opened the shoes and saw a ring box staring back at her. Before she could open it, Brandon got down on one knee, and with a tear in his eye, asked Taylor to marry him. It was the perfect end to a wonderful Christmas, and a beautiful start to an amazing life together.

  1. Leanna says:

    Love love !!! Taylor and Brandon are a beautiful couple !!!!

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