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Do Digital Images Really Matter?


Do digital images really matter? 

Stick with me… If your favorite portraits are printed in an album or framed on your wall, does it really matter whether or not you have digital files? After you’ve shared them on social media and gotten your likes, will you ever truly look at them again? Will you have time to dig through the depths of your cloud storage a year from now to find them? What about 20 years from now?

You probably know that I’m passionate about portraits, and I think it’s crucial to have portraits with their families to look at when they’re grown with kids of their own. But the only way to guarantee that those photographs are still around 30 years from now is to print them.

Most of my clients know this, and that’s why they come to me. They’re busy. They know they don’t have time to figure out what to do with their images, and they trust us to create custom artwork for their families. Not just so they’re able to enjoy them right now, but so someday their portraits will still exist to show their grandchildren.

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