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Northwest Arkansas Santa Photos: 10 Tips to Ensure You Get a Spot

Santa Claus is coming to the studio on Saturday, November 5, 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited for this holiday tradition at Stephanie Nunley Portraits! As we prepare to open registration for the event, we’d LOVE for everyone to be able to get a spot to see Santa, but the reality is, we have far more interest than the number of families we’ll be able to accomodate. Last year, The Santa Experience sold out in under FOUR minutes!

To help you beat the crowd, we put together a list of our top ten tips to ensure you’re able to secure a spot:

01. Become a Signature Session Client

All of my regular clients who have booked signature sessions and first year collectives in 2022 automatically have priority registration to the event. These clients are allowed to register 24 hours before the public, ensuring they are able to get a spot and choose the best time slots that work for them. If you’d like priority access, it’s not too late to reach out and become a signature client. Fall session dates are very limited.

02. Join the Nice List

If you are not a signature session client, the ONLY way to receive the link for registration is to sign up for The Nice List. This link will NOT be posted anywhere publically, so if you’re not on the list, you’re going to miss out. Click here to sign up today:


03. Set an Alarm

Everyone on The Nice List knows exactly when registration will be opened, so be sure to set an alarm on your phone so you don’t forget! It’s so easy to get distracted and loose track of time, so an alarm will help ensure you don’t miss out!

04. Bookmark The Santa Experience Details Page

You should have received the link to the page on my website with all of the details via email. Save or bookmark this page, because as soon as the public release opens, a link will be posted to this page that will allow you to find the registration page. It’s a good idea to check here, just in case my email happens to land in spam or doesn’t come through right away. Sometimes email can be unpredictable, and I’m hoping this will be a good work around for those of you who regularly find your emails in spam!

05. Be Prepared

You will need all of your basic information (name, address, credit card) to register, as well as more detailed information about your children for our questionnaire. Have everything ready to go!

06. Avoid Nap Times

The Santa Experience will take place between 9am-2pm. Think about what time your children typically nap and try plan around that to ensure they are at their best for their session. Of course, the most popular times will go first so think about shifting nap times for Santa if necessary! 

07. Refresh the Page

After you choose a time slot, select your package, and enter your details, you will see a red countdown timer in the top left hand corner of your screen. This countdown timer is holding your spot as “pending” and no one else will be able to book the slot while you’re in the checkout process. As soon as the countdown timer expires, the slot will be released and someone else will be able to scoop it up. Be sure to complete your booking before the timer expires. 

If you don’t see any available slots left, you can refresh the page every few minutes to see if any spots become available. If someone doesn’t complete their booking, spots may open up even if the event previously appeared sold out.

We will send out an email as soon as all spots are officially sold out.

08. Help each other out

Since it is so easy to get distracted and loose track of time, be sure to text your friends and remind each other to sign up! Two (or three or four!) heads are better than one, so help each other out so no one forgets to register!

09. Sign up for the Wait List

After The Santa Experience is sold out, we will release a wait list in case a spot becomes available. Sometimes scheduling conflicts or illnesses arise preventing families from attending, and these spots will be released to the wait list ONLY. 

10. Purchase an Elf Pass for next year

An Elf Pass will grant you priority registration for next year’s event, so if you want to skip the line next year be sure to add this on when booking your session!


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