A Springtime Engagement in Northwest Arkansas | Daniel & Rebecca

Their first date was effortless. They had known each other as children, and even though they had only reconnected recently, it was easy for Rebecca and Daniel to spend the whole day together, paddle boarding in the morning, eating lunch with family, and hiking together in the afternoon. Being together was natural and easy, and it continued to be the more they saw of each other. It didn’t take long for Rebecca to know that he was the one she would spend the rest ofher life with – Daniel was the nicest, most honest guy she had ever met, and he was intentional about focusing on her happiness and making her feel loved.

So, a few years later, it was only natural that they were planning their future and picking out rings together. Rebecca knew Daniel would propose soon, but when he took her out to eat Thai food one fall evening, she had no idea what was coming. After they ate, they went to Sundance Square in Ft. Worth, and Daniel gave Rebecca a scrapbook of their best memories together and told her it was to hold her over until he proposed. But, as she flipped to the very last page, she saw the book ended with a page about the day he would propose. It was decorated, but there were no photographs. And the next thing she knew, Daniel was down on one knee.

I’m beyond thrilled to know these two, and I’m so excited to share their engagement photographs with you today! Rebecca and Daniel made the long trip up to Northwest Arkansas from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and we spend the afternoon together, exploring some of my favorite areas near downtown Rogers. I loved getting to know these two better, and I’m completely obsessed with the photographs we created together.


  1. Sarah Wiles says:

    Hi!! Can you please tell me where this field is located?! I love it!

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