Bridal Portraits at Brik Venue in Fort Worth Texas | Rebecca

A few months ago, I traveled down to Ft. Worth to photograph Rebecca’s bridals at Brik Venue in Ft. Worth. I already knew that I completely adored Rebecca from the time we spent together over the past year, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I would love her venue as well! I love the design of Brik Venue, and as a photographer, I appreciate that it’s set up in such a way that we were able to get a wide variety of portraits for Rebecca in a small location. Inside the venue is stunning (upstairs is all white everything, and I instantly fell in love with it!) and the venue is surrounded by trees and covered in ivy and super fun textured walls.

I can’t wait to share Rebecca and Daniels’ wedding photographs, but in the meantime,  I hope that you enjoy just a few of my favorite portraits from her bridal session!

  1. Kelsie Lindley says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I just love her.

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