A Historic Home Arkansas Wedding | Taylor & Brandon

Tucked away in a cool, dark room at the front of the towering historic home, Taylor checked her makeup moments before the ceremony was to begin. She smiled, took a deep breath, and told herself that she wasn’t going to cry. But moments later, as she rounded the corner and saw everyone gathered together waiting for the moment she would walk down the aisle, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming. And as she made her way down the long aisle leading up to the Terry House, there were very few dry eyes waiting for her by the time she reached the steps.

Taylor and Brandon were married at the Terry House in Little Rock, Arkansas. I loved how intimate their entire wedding day felt – from getting ready with four of her best friends all the way to the cozy feeling of their tented reception on the lawn. Nothing about their wedding day felt rushed or stressful – instead, it was the easy, relaxed, and peaceful day that these two looked forward to for so very long.

Taylor and Brandon, thank you for inviting me to share such a special day with the two of you. Your wedding day was honestly so beautiful, and I adore the memories we captured of your day. I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorites!

  1. Lynn Burns says:

    They’re gorgeous! I’m crying all over again.
    Lynn Burns

  2. Tanta says:

    gorgeous couple and gorgeous pictures.

  3. Leanna C says:

    Oh my goodness that are the most beautiful couple !! The pic are priceless !!

  4. Terri says:

    You both could be models for all the wedding magazines ! You look gorgeous!!

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