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This is Why I Create Photographs

northwest-arkansas-film-maternity-photos.jpgIt’s hard to imagine a world without photographs.

Now days, all we have to do is pull out our phone, click a button, and snap a quick photo of anything we’d like. It’s not uncommon for us to take dozens of photographs every single day of the important moments, the mundane, and everything in-between. And in a world that’s completely full of imagery, I believe it’s important to have a few images that are special. A few that are in a separate category in your mind, that you choose to print and look at every day. A few that, over time, become iconic representations of who you are and the life you’ve chosen to build.

This is why I create photographs.

I create photographs because I want to highlight the beauty of your world in a way that you don’t see through every day snapshots. I want to show you that, even though life can feel a little crazy, there’s so much that’s lovely in your chaos. I want to show you that the simple things that you take for granted every day like cuddles and giggles and the joy written all over your faces is absolute perfection.

I create photographs because you never realize just how precious these moments are until they’re gone. I want to take the time to see and appreciate the little things you may not even notice right now, but will mean the world to you in years to come.

I create photographs because I believe in the power of portraits on the wall.  I want you to look at photographs of your loved ones every single day and remember what a special life you live. I want to create portraits in such a way that, when you look at them, you don’t see the mess and stress that you feel at some point every day. You simply see your family, presented in the best light possible. Everything else is stripped away, and all you’re left with is the love that you share.

I create photographs because, some day, they’re what those you love most will remember you by. They’ll become your children’s most prized possessions. Photographs transport them back to a time that they remember fondly, filled with memories of running through the sprinklers together, baking cookies, and bedtime snuggles. Photographs memorialize the very best parts of the past to be remembered for generations.

This is why I create photographs.

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