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What makes an iconic photograph?


When you think of your childhood, are there specific photographs that come to mind? For me, the memories of my childhood are wrapped up in what are, to me, “iconic” photographs that I remember looking at often. Me as a baby, dressed up in outfits that were popular then but cringe-y now (sorry mom ). As a toddler with mascara all over my face. Standing in front of landmarks on vacation in my favorite clothing. As an adult, I don’t remember much about my first years of life… but these photographs are there as a reminder. 

When I was a baby, all of my photographs were taken on 35mm film, but today, we carry cameras in our pockets and are able to take hundreds of photographs of our children every single day if we want. Our children will be so overwhelmed with photos of themselves that I fear none of them will stand out as special. I fear these photographs will be uploaded to the cloud… and then never looked at again. I fear our children won’t be able to access our files and will grow up with no memories of who they were (and more importantly, who WE were) as babies and children.

I’m on a mission to ensure that isn’t the case! Let me help you remember this season. Let me help you create iconic photographs of your family that are truly special. That are printed in albums and hung on your walls so you will have 100% certainty that they will still be around when your children are adults. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of your babies who will one day want to remember what you looked like when you held them close.

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